Volunteer NEEDED May 17-20

VOLUNTEER ASSISTANCE NEEDED in support of the Armed Forces Day: Run the Rock events on Rock Island Arsenal from May 17-20, 2023. The Welcome Club has been asked to help provide volunteers ensuring that this community event is successful.


  • Wednesday, May 17th at 4:30 pm until complete at the Lock & Dam—Volunteers will help stuff the packets that will be provided to all runners during bib pick up. BBQ dinners will be provided for those who volunteer to help with this task.
  • Thursday, May 18th at 9:00 am until complete—Volunteers will meet the Volunteer Coordinator at 9:00 am at Memorial Park. This day is for table and chair set up so please dress accordingly and bring water. 
  • Friday, May 19th Volunteer options from 3:00 pm-10:00 pm— 2 types of Volunteer options at Memorial Park:
    • Volunteer to work our RIAWC Ways and Mean table in the vendor market to showcase the items we have for sale, such as Ornaments, On the Rocks glass sets, the Squadlocker gear, and more. These items help support our operating funds for the board year.
    • Volunteer to help with Packet Pick-up at Memorial Park. You will be assigned a table to help pass out runner packets based on alphabetical table designation. Volunteers should be prepared to answer questions from participants about race day activities. 
  • Saturday, May 20th Volunteer options from 6:30 am to 10pm—Volunteers are needed to help with multiple tasks throughout the day.
    • Three ways to Volunteer:
    • Volunteer at Arsenal Attic from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
    • Volunteer at the RIAWC Ways and Means Table from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm— we will determine how long our table is set up based on who signs up to help run the table. It does not need to be open the full time but it would be best to have it open for the majority of the Carnival hours, if possible.
    • Volunteer to help with race events (before, during and/or after)
      • Each station and assignment will have specific instructions:
        • Pre-race set up tasks: make sure everything is properly set up and that you are not missing any materials or persons. For example, water stations need to make sure they have tables, cups, and trash liners.  Direction split pointers need to know which way is which.
        • During race tasks: Bike marshals will need to make sure they are on pace. Water stop volunteers will need to make sure cups are being filled and placed as the racers move through.
        • After race (two phases):
          • First Phase: removing water stops, taking in trash, picking up cones, etc. These tasks lead to everything except the party area being recovered.
          • Second Phase: break down of tables and chairs, returning equipment, and general clean up.
      • (Heads up: Starting at 6:00 am, the Moline gate will be closed to anyone who is not there to visit the cemetery. You must use the Rock Island Gate.) Parking path will be clearly marked down the south side of the island into the parking lot near Memorial Field.
      • Once you arrive, head straight to the Volunteer Coordinator, Michaela Thompson, at the assignment table (located on the North Side of Rodman Ave next to the “Same Day” race registration table) to check in.
      • Thompson will confirm your volunteer assignment and instructions. After you may head out to your assigned volunteer station (see above for the stations).
      • Please wear your volunteer t-shirt and lanyards for the best way for guests to identify you as volunteers. Please familiarize yourself with the course, general timeline, information, party layout, and especially emergency numbers and shelters.
      • We want all volunteers to enjoy the event, but make sure all tasks are completed on time. We hope all our volunteers will  stay for the full event including recovery.


If you’d like to help with the Arsenal Attic or the RIAWC Ways and Mean table, please contact us so we can get you signed up.

If you’d like to Volunteer and support one or more of the Armed Forces Day Run the Rock events please register via this link: https://secure.getmeregistered.com/register.php?event_id=138081&c=91200_715227&mask=90538_90539_91102_90540_90541_90542_90543. Also, please respond to this email if you plan to support them via this registration link, so we know how many of our lovely club members are helping out!

**Even if you can only give a little time it would be greatly appreciated!  Additionally, if you have teenagers or older kids who need to earn service hours, they are welcome to volunteer as well.  We will sign their school paperwork!!

Armed Forces Day: Run the Rock information link

Race day events and run registration link

Thank you for your continued support in the community and of the Rock Island Arsenal Welcome Club (RIAWC)!