Club History

pexels-photoThe Rock Island Arsenal Welcome Club (RIAWC) was first known as “Stitch” and started as a group of Officer’s Wives in the 1940’s.  Club members met at the Golf Course Clubhouse and used their time to sew rags together to send to the Iowa City Veterans Home.  These rags were sewn into rugs.  Since then we have expanded our club to include all services, all ranks and all community members.  Today we resemble more of who we are as a military community as a whole.  In many ways we are like the traditional Spouse Clubs operating across various installations, but now we are more of who YOU are!

Just as in days gone by, we continue to rely on the ability, vitality, and generosity of our members for the benefit of others.  Not one of us can affect our community as well as all of us working together toward a common goal!  In previous years, through our combined efforts and sincere dedication, RIAWC was able to distribute a $21,000 in college scholarships and community grants.  We hope that this year will bring another benevolent occasion to support our community through hard work and fundraising.